The New Jersey School-Age Tuition Assistance Program will provide tuition assistance to parents/caretakers with school-age children (5 to 13 years old) in need of child care due to schools’ remote learning schedules this fall as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency. The tuition assistance will be directly paid to your selected licensed or registered child care provider from September 1, 2020 through December 30, 2020 based on the hours of care needed. To be eligible for this assistance, your child must be attending school remotely, either part-time or full-time and your annual gross household income must be $150,000 or less. If the amount that we pay is less than the child care provider’s rate, the provider may require you to pay the difference.

You will need to upload proof of income and a copy of your school's remote learning schedule (acceptable formats are word, PDF, png or jpeg). You should have these on hand before you start this application.

The deadline to apply is December 7th. 

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Child Information and Child Care Needs
Enter the required information for each child. You will need to fill in the days and hours that school-age care will be needed during the school day. You will be asked to provide proof of the school's remote learning schedule further down in this form:
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When is Care Needed*:
Please provide a two-week schedule for the days and hours your child will need care during remote school hours. If care is not needed on a specific day, please select “No Care Needed” from the dropdown:
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In order to help quickly approve applications - it is important that you identify a provider. If you need help selecting a provider, visit our provider search or call 1-800-332-9227. Tuition assistance can only be used at licensed child care centers (licensed by the Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing) and registered family child care homes.

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I (We) certify that:
  • All of the information provided above is true and correct;
  • Child care is needed because my (our) child attends a school that is reopening with a full- or part-time remote learning schedule due to COVID-19;
  • I (We) understand that this program is paid for with federal, state and local public funds and that it is unlawful to provide any false or misleading information to receive these benefits;
  • I (We) understand these funds pay for child care services at a licensed child care center or registered family child care provider only through December 30, 2020; and
  • It is my (our) responsibility to inform my child care provider if I (we) no longer need child care services.
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