Under the federal law, all child care staff, volunteers, adults living in family child care homes and other adults who may have unsupervised access to children must undergo a comprehensive criminal background check.

If you are from a state agency and need to request an interstate background check, choose from the below to get appropriate contact information:

Interstate Criminal Background Check

New Jersey State Police
Criminal Information Unit

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628

Instructions: The Division of State Police, Criminal Information Unit (CIU) provides fingerprint-based New Jersey criminal history record checks to any person who was previously a resident or was employed in the State of New Jersey requesting a copy of their own criminal history record. 
New Jersey Criminal History Records Information | New Jersey State Police (nj.gov)

An out of state resident may obtain a criminal history record information (CHRI) check by submitting fingerprints via electronic live scan at one of the approved fingerprint capturing IdentoGO sites. The New Jersey State Police utilizes the live scan fingerprinting services provided by IDEMIA, a private company under contract with the State of New Jersey.

To begin the fingerprint process, you are required to contact IDEMIA to schedule a time and place to have your fingerprints captured at one of the IdentoGO sites, which are conveniently located throughout the State of NJ. The quickest and easiest way to schedule your appointment is via the World Wide Web at https://uenroll.identogo.com/.

If you are an out-of-state resident but live, work, or attend school within a 10-mile radius of the NJ borders, you must be fingerprinted at an IdentoGO fingerprint site in NJ or at a participating out-of-state IdentoGO Universal Enrollment site. If your zip code is on the Restricted Zip Code List, you must select one of the Personal Record Request Service Codes listed above and schedule an appointment with IdentoGO at https://uenroll.identogo.com/.

Please review the Restricted Zip Code List - [pdf] for all zip codes within a 10-radius of the NJ borders.

Any questions regarding the information on these forms, or if you fail to receive your response after ten (10) working days once fingerprinted, can be directed to the New Jersey State Police, Criminal Information Unit at 609 882-2000 ext. 2302 or [email protected].

If your zip code is not on the Restricted Zip Code List and you are unable to be fingerprinted at an IdentoGO out-of-state Universal Enrollment site location, you must submit hard card fingerprints by utilizing IdentoGo’s Card Scan services. First, you must select one of the personal record request service codes listed above prior to completing the pre-enrollment process. Make note and record your Service Code number to use during the enrollment process.

Please follow these instructions to pre-enroll on-line and complete the IdentoGo Card Scan process:

  1. Obtain Out of State Personal Record Request Fingerprint Hard Cards - [pdf]. Printing the PDF on standard paper is acceptable and must be black ink.
  2. Pre-enroll on-line and provide payment information at https://uenroll.identogo.com/You will need your chosen Service Code listed above to complete this step. Follow all instructions contained in the Out of State Personal Record Request Instructions from Idemia - [pdf].
  3. Select "Submit A Fingerprint Card By Mail" during the on-line enrollment process.
  4. Complete your fingerprinting on a hard card. Your local police department, live scan vendor, or embassy can complete hard card fingerprinting.
  5. The fingerprint card will list the purpose of the record check and include all identification data including the individual’s full name, date of birth, social security number, mailing address and contact information. The police department or agency taking the fingerprints must positively identify the individual and complete the information on the NJSP Out of State Verification Form for Hard Card Fingerprints - [pdf].
  6. Mail hard card fingerprints and the NJSP out of State Verification Form for Hard Card Fingerprints to the following address:
    Cardscan Department - NJ Program
    340 Seven Springs Way, Suite 250
    Brentwood, TN 37027

Any questions regarding New Jersey Criminal History Record Check Process can be directed to the New Jersey State Police, Criminal Information Unit at 609 882-2000 ext. 2302 or [email protected].

Named-Based Only Criminal History Record Checks

The SBI 212B Form was developed to provide the following entities with the ability to request named-based only criminal history record checks by submitting a subject's name, date of birth, social security number, and other descriptive information:

  • Governmental entities of this state, the federal government or any other state for any official governmental purposes, including, but not limited to, employment, licensing, and the procurement of services;
  • A person or non-governmental entity of any state, that seeks to directly engage the services of the subject of the record, for purposes of determining the subject's qualifications for employment, volunteer work or other performance of services;
  • Private detectives, licensed by the Division of State Police, for the purposes of obtaining information pursuant to their statutorily authorized functions.

If an authorized requester elects to conduct a more thorough check, based on fingerprint comparison, he/she may use Universal Fingerprint Form D. These responses will go directly back to the employer address that was listed on the Universal Form completed by the applicant.

SBI 212B requests can now be submitted online at https://www.njportal.com/njsp/212b/ Opens in new window

The fee for an SBI 212B online submission is $20, payable by credit or debit card. Valid email addresses must be provided for both the requester (employer) and subject (employee) of the name-based criminal history record check. Payment can be made by either the requester (employer) or the subject (employee), but the subject must consent to the criminal history record check via the online verification process (with the exception of licensed private detectives performing their statutorily authorized functions.) The requester (employer) must initiate the online 212B process for the specific subject (employee). The subject (employee) can NOT initiate the process for the requester (employer).

The fee for online submissions by volunteer organizations (as defined below) is reduced to $12.

Licensed private detectives will need to setup an account on the website prior to submitting SBI 212B requests.

SBI 212B Forms MAY NOT be used for a person requesting his/her own criminal history record. Anyone wishing to receive his/her own record must submit fingerprints by utilizing Form A or B above, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:59-1 et seq.

Further questions regarding obtaining criminal history record background checks or noncriminal justice licensing/employment checks should be directed to the Criminal Information Unit at 609-882-2000 ext. 2302.

Forms: Via fingerprint within 10 miles https://njsp.org/criminal-history-records/pdf/2019a_universformd.pdf Opens in new window

Fees: $20.00 name check, $44.13 fingerprint

National Fingerprint File (NFF) State: Yes

National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact State: Yes

Interstate Sex Offender Registry (SOR) Check

New Jersey State Police

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628
Instructions: See website for instructions and terms and conditions of use.

Forms: N/A

Fees: N/A

Interstate Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Registry Check

NJ Department of Children & Families
Record Inquiry Program

Mailing Address
50 E. State Street, 4th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08625-0717

Instructions: To file an Out of State CARI application, visit https://www.njportal.com/dcf/cari Opens in new window then click the “File an Out of State CARI” button.

Out of State CARI Requests must be based on the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, the Hague Convention requirements, the Universal Accreditation Act (UAA) of 2012, or a law/statute/regulation from your state that requires the NJ DCF CARI Unit to process the CARI request. All requests must be electronically submitted with the correct requesting agency contact information.

How to obtain an Out-of-State CARI Background Check:

  • Please cite the statute that requires you to obtain the child abuse/neglect background check(s) and identify the reason for the background check(s) (i.e. employment, domestic/international adoption for resource (foster) care.
  • If other than an Adam Walsh, Hague Convention, or UAA of 2012 request, include a copy of the state statute which compels the disclosure of CARI information.
  • The information that the CARI Unit requires on the individual includes all aliases (married, maiden names, nicknames), race, date of birth, and all addresses where the person(s) resided while living in the State of New Jersey. Please include timeframe (months/years) when the individual lived in New Jersey. If the exact address is not known by the individual, the city or county that he/she lived in during the timeframe will suffice. Social security number is optional.
  • Identify the individual making the request, job title and phone number.
  • Private adoption and foster care agencies must provide the agency license from the state where they are located.
  • Please have the contact information for the requesting agency to submit your application. There are no fees for this background check.  Completed CARIs will be processed accordingly and returned to the requesting entity.

County Administered Registry or Centralized Registry: State Centralized Registry – NJ Child Abuse Registry maintained by the Department of Children and Families

Forms: Online CARI Application

Fees: There is no fee for Out of State CARI applications

Description of information that may be included in a response to a CAN registry check: If it is determined that a CARI applicant does not have a record of a substantiated incident of child abuse/neglect, an email notification will be sent to the requesting agency informing them of a “No Record” result. Conversely, if it is determined that a CARI applicant does have a record of a substantiation of child abuse/neglect, a formal letter will be sent by the CARI Unit to the requesting agency informing them of the result.

Definition of Substantiated: A preponderance of the evidence establishes that a child is an abused or neglected child as defined by N.J.S.A. 9:6-8.21 and either the investigation indicates the existence of any Absolutely Substantiating Circumstances; or substantiation is warranted based on consideration of the aggravating and mitigating factors.