Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Updates

Applying for SNAP

During this public health crisis, we have made the application process for SNAP food assistance simpler by removing some parts in the process. For example, a hard copy signature for your application and you will not be required to complete an interview to apply for SNAP.

You can apply online at or if you do not have a computer, you can apply by phone by calling your local board of social services. You can also download the application and mail it into the local board of social services. Through a new online tool, available on NJOneApp, SNAP applicants can upload the documentation needed for applications electronically instead of mailing or dropping off documents to the county offices. 

SNAP Recertification Extension

If your case was due to be recertified and you are unable to get your paperwork in or complete your interview, your case will not be closed. You will receive your benefits on the usual day. Your case has been granted a six-month extension from the date your recertification is due. More information will follow on your new recertification date. In the meantime, you will continue to receive SNAP benefits.

SNAP Work Activities

During the current public health crisis, your case will not be closed if you are unable to participate in a work activity.

SNAP Benefit Changes

Temporary Emergency Supplemental Food Assistance Benefits
As of April 2021, a change was made that requires the temporary emergency supplemental food assistance benefit a household receives to be at least $95 in additional benefits. Before April 2021, only households who were not receiving the maximum SNAP allotment for their household size received a temporary emergency supplemental benefit. Going forward, households will receive at least $95 in emergency benefits or the maximum temporary benefit for your household size, whichever is greater.
For October, these additional emergency benefits will be available when your regular SNAP benefits are available. Check back every month to see if the emergency allotment supplements will continue.
Remember, this is an extra SNAP benefit being made available to help you buy food in this public health crisis. 

If you want to check your balance before you go to the grocery store, please visit where you can view your current card balance and transaction history, or at some ATMs. You also can call customer service at 1-800-997-3333, however, they may be experiencing higher call volumes, so please be patient. Please do not check your balance at the grocery store where cashiers may be very busy.

Online Grocery Shopping

New Jerseyans enrolled in SNAP may use their Families First EBT card to purchase eligible SNAP food items at participating stores online. For more information about ordering online and to find participating stores in your area, visit the NJ SNAP Using Your Benefits page.

Extra Benefits for Children

Special Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) provides benefits for children under the age of 6 in active SNAP households or school-aged child(ren) eligible for free- or reduced-price school meals, but whose schools closed or operated at reduced hours or attendance.
School-age children in grades K – 12 who are eligible for P-EBT have been receiving P-EBT benefits for the school year 2020-2021 and Summer 2021. Depending on your situation, you may receive multiple payments. 
No application is necessary for P-EBT. The majority of P-EBT eligible families participating in SNAP receive their benefit on their household's existing Families First card. All other P-EBT eligible households are mailed a P-EBT card. More information is available on the P-EBT page.

If you receive a card in the amil, pleae keep it in case of future benefits. 

Work First New Jersey (WFNJ) Updates

WFNJ Redetermination Extension 

If your WFNJ case is scheduled to be redetermined, the deadline may be extended, for specific reasons, as long as the Public Health State of Emergency remains in place. Information will be sent to you about your new redetermination date. If you have questions, contact your county board of social services. In the meantime, you will continue to receive WFNJ benefits. 

WFNJ Work Activities

During the current public health crisis, your case will not be closed if you are unable to participate in a work activity. This includes if you are a General Assistance (GA) client completing the 28-day work activity while your case is being reviewed.